Fiat Currency VS Gold

Fiat Currency VS Gold

What Future Does Our Monetary System Hold?  

With the value of our dollar decreasing every day, inflation rising through the roof and the country steadily increasing our national debt. Since 1971 when President Richard Nixon announced that the U.S. dollar would no longer be backed by gold, the federal reserve has printed a substantial amount of paper dollars. Which inevitably has decreased the value of our currency and increased price per domestic good.

Just think about it, as a child I remember when $3 could go a long way. The price of gas was .99 a gallon, 1 dozen eggs $1.06 and a loaf of bread was .87, but now a days that same $3 won't buy you one of those things in the year 2016. However gold has withstood the test of times from ancient Babylon to current day. Gold is a medal that continuously out paces inflation and becomes more precious over time.

However there are some problems that exist with gold, each ounce is worth around $1300! You need to get it shipped , to ensure it’s genuine from a reputable dealer and evaluate its quality both when buying and selling. You'll need to store it. Then find buyers who want the amount and quality of gold you have.

Sound like a lot huh..

If there was a way for you to create additional income and preserve wealth through gold, Would you?

If you're answer is yes, then get ready to get excited!   


We've recently partnered with Karatbars international, they produce 1g  gold embedded cards that allows them to be used as currency for trade. The gold is premium quality (999.9) and has the LBMA certification, the top quality certification in the world (only about 10 mints in the world have this certification). They maintain their value no matter what happens to the economy. Karatbars also provides compensation to there affiliate in monetary incentives and gold rewards. This is an amazing opportunity to start building longterm wealth and create passive income. There are no setup or recurring fees of any kind for this program.

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